Our Electrically Heated Hoses

Among the many flexible hoses that ATAG Europe has at its disposal, today we talk to you about electrically heated hoses, which are essential in specific industrial sectors where it is necessary to transport liquids, gases and food gels, while maintaining a constant, high temperature at all times.

Precisely with the aim of preserving intact the properties of the fluid passing through, thanks to the constant maintenance of the operating temperature, these hoses are used in every industrial sector where resistance and control must be total.

🔴 How are these hoses made?

An inner hose made of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is used, a highly temperature-resistant, stable and chemically inert material that guarantees maximum non-stick and minimum friction.

The outside of the hose, on the other hand, consists of a steel braid INOX 18/8 – AISI 304 to protect the inside from all kinds of operating pressure.

ATAG’s electrically heated hoses are synonymous with safety and refinement, with a fair relationship between rigidity and flexibility and no volumetric expansion.

🔴 How is the heating inside the tube carried out?

The hoses are heated by heating resistances, with variable power, wrapped around the inner core.

A probe inserted in the innermost part also detects the temperature of the material and allows an external device to control the heating resistance, keeping the temperature constant.

The end caps and the protective braid guarantee great mechanical resistance, allowing any handling on the hose.

ATAG only markets electrically heated hoses after strict inspections and tests

🔴 Electrically heated hoses from ATAG are right for you if:

  • You need solutions for transporting semi-finished materials in a fluid, semi-fluid or gaseous state, preserving intact properties intact.
  • You want to have everything under control regarding the transport process at constant temperatures
  • You need to transport any fluid, except alkaline metals in a molten state (such as sodium and potassium) or certain fluorinated chemical compounds (such as fluorine in a gaseous state or chlorine fluoride)
  • Work with labelling or sealing machines in order to fluidise the adhesive or work with individually heated two-component foaming machines
  • You work in the automotive industry or in steel mills, specifically on gas analysis machines
  • You operate machines for the food and confectionery industry, cake icing or chocolate coating
  • Work on toxicity or pollution control machines (such as paint booths) or for gas detection and analysis equipment
  • Etc.

🔴 At what temperatures can you use these special hoses?

30 to 260 °C and up to 350 °C in special versions.

There are no flow limits.

The wide range of fittings (e.g. brass, iron and stainless steel) and the extensive range of electrical connectors available, meet all your technical and production requirements, allowing you every possibility of use.

You can also coat the fittings or flange shank with PTFE to improve chemical resistance and achieve perfect inertia.


Connect your ATAG electrically heated hoses to your industrial plants effortlessly!

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