Corona Treatment Sleeves

Corona Treatment Sleeves

Corona Treatment, Dielectric Rollers

There are compounds that have an excellent resistance to high voltages, great flexibility, longevity at high temperatures and excellent anti-adhesion characteristics.

These properties are exploited efficiently as a dielectric, in the form of sleeves or tube covers, on the corona treatment rollers.

ATAG can supply sleeves in specific compounds that have high tear and dielectric strength as well as excellent ozone resistance. Thanks to vertical extrusion technology these have a perfectly smooth surface, a regular section and a constant wall thickness and tight diameter and thickness tolerances. They are available from 50 mm to 200 mm internal diameter in a range of different colours and meet the requirments of high concentricity and shape, ensuring a smooth and stable operation of the corona treatment.

Details (Useful Information):

Currently Corona Treatment technology includes machines with different systems that achieve the right balance between the materials to be treated and the needs of the customer.

The treatment station, or treatment tower, can support a naked roller system, coated roller system or a universal system. The difference between the systems is on the position of the insulator in the treatment station. In a station with a roller coated the latter is insulated with some type of dielectric material (sleeve) and the electrode is bare metal. In a naked roller system, the latter has no insulation, but the electrode is insulated. In a universal station both the roller and the electrode are insulated.

3D Corona treatment: this is for the treatment of existing components before they need to be coated, printed, glued, or painted etc. Corona treatment is used for its adhesion optimisation properties of the substrate. In this case the treatment station works with rotary electrodes (electrodes mounted on rotating elements), and not with rollers.