Bladders/Compression Sleeves

Bladders Guaine per compositi

Bladders/Compression Sleeves

Since 2001 ATAG has been the Italian distributor of Piercan products in the field of gloves and today also distributes Piercan bladders in high temperature latex for the moulding of composite materials. These innovative products offer the best guarantee for excellent finishes in the production of particular parts made with these technologies and allow high production rates.

The range consists of innovative and cost-effective products for critical and complex applications in the sports industry (bikes, baseball, golf and tennis), the aviation industry (propellers, helicopter blades, complex structures and UAV drones) and, more generically, for each composite product in which the hollow parts are appropriate for the use of this technology.

Product Characteristics

  • External dimensional control
  • Smooth interior and exterior walls
  • Heat resistant (175°C for a maximum of 1 hour, or 120°C for 20 hours)
  • High working pressures (up to 20bar/300psi)
  • Excellent mechanical properties (elongation at break > 800%)
  • The bladder is seamless: no imprint of the seam on the finished part
  • The weight of the finished piece does not include the bladder because the bladder is removed after treatment
  • Low cost compared to similar products in silicone
  • Can be ordered for thousands of pieces, prototypes and also suitable for small series production
  • Easy removal of blisters due to their high elongation