Types of flexible hoses

A hose:
what is it?

A hose: what is it?

With this word we refer to a pipe or a pipeline normally having the shape of a cylinder, made in different materials and sizes, used to carry fluids, gas or solid materials.

Introductory Statement

To chose the most suitable hose for a specific application, it’s necessary to perfectly analyse all the use conditions for that particular case.

Necessary data to provide

Inside size of the pipe section (the diameter, because the pipe is usually circular): It is the nominal size of a hose.

Flexibility and bending radius

Flexibility and minimum bending radius are important factors in the production and choice of hoses, especially if the hose is subject to considerable flexing during its use.


It is very important to choose the right kind of hose in order to use it in the right and secure way.

How to choose a hose

The ideal hose to choose mainly depends on its resistance to the product it must transport.


Hoses ageing is strictly connected with temperature, especially for rubber hoses. Significant increases in temperature can remarkably accelerate the ageing process.


The effects of oil and fuel conveyance depend on a great variety of factors that must be taken into account when choosing the right material.

Electrical properties

The electric properties of a hose may be subject to alterations due to the ageing and the wearing out of the hose itself.

Avoiding damages and ensuring safety

A damaged hose can not only cause unexpected increase of costs for a company, but can also provoke serious accidents.

Maintenance and care
of use

Maintenance and care of use

Hoses have a breakthrough time and people in charge of using them must be aware of the signs of an imminent injury.


The rubber hose

Generally, a flexible rubber hose is formed by three elements, each of them has an important and specific function.

Compulsory marking

Most of flexible hoses have a “standard” marking. 

Some kinds of hose endings

Normal ends; Spiral-less sleeves; Increased Diameter Sleeves…

Some categories of hoses

Dedusting; Ventilation; air conditioning hoses… 

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