Polyurethane hoses

What is a polyurethane hose?

Polyurethane hoses (PU, PUR, TPU) are the technological evolution of the corrugated plastic hose (PVC, EVA) patented in the 1960s.

General applications for polyurethane hoses

Flexible polyurethane tubing is used where air and/or other products need to be transported through materials that have: excellent mechanical resistance, excellent tensile strength, …

Special constructions of corrugated, flexible polyurethane hoses

Tubing in polyurethane can be made to specific lengths, with pressed fittings at the ends or, for systems that provide for it, with ends featuring specific pre-pressed sleeves…

Corrugated, flexible polyurethane hoses with semi-rigid plastic helix

These PUR hoses are usually semi-transparent, the helix is opaque, and transparency is provided by the polyurethane film between the coils…

Corrugated, flexible polyurethane hoses with steel wire helix

These PUR hoses usually come transparent, the helix occupies a small portion of the polyurethane film…

Polyurethane hoses without helix

Where there is no helix, PUR tubing is essentially a loose sleeve (an unstructured tube). It usually has a limited thickness…

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