Atag Rubber Fenders

Atag Rubber Fenders

Section delta fender made in EPDM rubber, usually in black color, designed to withstand impact, abrasion, tearing, aging, atmospheric agents and sea water.

It’s the basic Fender bar: light, robust and easy to install. Sizes and dimensions follow the classic delta shape but are differentiated on the basis of the expected load to absorb.

The relatively low cost along with the ease of installation and the absence of maintenance make these fenders a long term economical solution for a wide variety of application fields;

Boat Fenders are fenders used in boats, quays and wharves;

Fender Bars (anti shock fender) for Industry and Trade to protect buildings and masonry works (columns, pillars and arches, doors and limit switches), prefabricated structures, shelving and equipment from accidental movements of the internal transport vehicles (fork-lift trucks, pallet trucks, etc.);

Rubber Fenders for the Transport Industry to protect truck tailboards and platforms for goods loading and unloading, and in garages to avoid cars bumping against the wall.