How to choose a hose

How to choose a hose

The ideal hose to choose mainly depends on its resistance to the product it must transport.

A correct employ does not imply, anyway, unlimited lasting and conservation of the original properties of the hose. Due to mechanical action, external agents, different carried on materials, and also normal use, with the passing of time, bulges, shrinkages, small tears or infiltrations may occur. To sum up, the hose wears with use.

These processes normally occur more rapidly the higher the temperature and the operating pressure, the flow velocity, the abrasion, the duration and frequency of use, the age of the hose and the degree of impurity of the transported product.

For a first assessment we advise you to rely on the strength specifications tables of the various materials, but you must always keep in mind that the values reported in any list of chemical resistance of rubber or plastic materials are only indicative values.

These data are based on laboratory tests generally carried out at room temperature (T=20/25°) or on information based on specialized literature or practical experiences.

If the use can be hazardous or, in spite of the information indicated, some doubts persist, please make arrangements with our technical staff. Besides, we advise the user to check regularly the hoses in use. Generally, a check is recommended every 6 or 12 months. Negligence can produce terrible consequences. Our customer must be sure that his plant is not undergoing deterioration.