What is a polyurethane hose?

What is a polyurethane hose?

Polyurethane hoses (PU, PUR, TPU) are the technological evolution of the corrugated plastic hose (PVC, EVA) patented in the 1960s.

Introduction: what is polyurethane?


Polyurethane is a polymer of the urethane product family. Within this family, there are countless formulations (many of which are registered trademarks and covered by patents) as well as physical forms: rigid, elastic, compact, expanded, for applications of all types, in continuous expansion and evolution.

These product families lend themselves to the manufacturing of a wide variety of components, which are used in almost all industrial sectors and areas of everyday life: the automotive industry, furniture, industrial automation, padding, insulation, robotics, home automation, the food industry, kitchen utensils, toys, camping, sports, etc.

In the field of production and processing of “rubber and plastics” in a broad sense, polyurethane is used in the production of corrugated flexible tubing, for the suction or discharge of various products transported within.

For the production of this family of flexible tubing, two different formulations of raw materials (compounds) are used:

polyether polyurethane – ether based – which has good resistance when it comes into contact with liquids in general and with water in particular;

polyester polyurethane – ester based – which is not recommended for use with water due to the premature deterioration this causes (hydrolysis).

Both formulations – ether and ester – have excellent properties in terms of elastic memory, resistance to mechanical wear and resistance upon contact with oils (oil resistance).

Products related to polyurethane hoses

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