Plasticizing crown treatment


In the fields of screen printing, painting, flexographic printing, in all the converting sectors, in the production of adhesive tapes and in lamination, there is a process without which there would be significant quality problems​​. Even packaging draws huge benefits from this process that is complementary to its actual manufacture.

Why it is

Why it is necessary

Films and polymer objects are chemically inert and have non-porous surfaces with low surface tension, which results in a low adherence of substrates, printing inks, adhesives and coatings. Thanks to Corona Treatment it is possible to resolve these issues.

How Does The
treatment Work?

How Does The Treatment Work?

Corona treatment systems are designed to increase the surface energy of plastic films, sheets and paper to improve wettability and adhesion of inks, coatings and adhesives. As a result, the treated material will demonstrate a better quality of printing and coating, and a greater resistance to rolling.

Where It
Is Used

Where It Is Used

To treat laminated plastic sheeting, resulting in a surface tension suitable for the perfect adhesion of printing. To treat the back of adhesive tapes to avoid so-called “noise”…

The Role of

The Role of ATAG

To explain what service can give ATAG in this process it is necessary to go back to the machine that carries out the treatment. We mentioned an electrically “earthed” roller.

Corona Treatment

Corona Treatment Sleeves

Corona Treatment, Dielectric Rollers There are compounds that have an excellent resistance to high voltages, great flexibility, longevity at high temperatures and excellent anti-adhesion characteristics.

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