Elastic Rubber Fenders

Elastic Rubber Fenders

Rubber is certainly one of the most suitable materials for the manufacture of shockproof fenders, because it guarantees the maximum possible absorption of the energy released by impacts of large masses in motion (boats, trucks, steel products …) without undergoing permanent structural changes.

Elastomers are flexible materials that can be deformed when subjected to load but return to their original shape after the stress (memory). Therefore, elastomers are among the best materials to use in technical fenders of any type and shape production.

The EPDM compound (Ethylene-Propylene Diene Monomer) is a kind of synthetic rubber used in a wide range of applications, especially whenever great resistance to aging, ozone and heat is required. This is the reason why elastomers are the base material used in the realization of fenders. The EPDM compound used by ATAG is specifically formulated to resist sea water, weather conditions, UV rays effects.

Fenders are manufactured in different materials other than rubber but ATAG deals with rubber fenders only.  Here is a list of different kinds of fenders for information purposes only:

  • Boat fenders in floating plastic material;
  • Bumper buoys in polyethylene foam, printed on metal core;
  • Fender Wheels with steel structures;
  • Fender bars or shockproof fenders in compact and/or foamed urethane resins;
  • Metal fenders with spring flexible parts and elastomer inserts.

Many of these fenders, produced with the most sophisticated materials and designed according to the most recent and expensive techniques, are made in different shapes and colors. The purpose is to manufacture a complex product that combines a perfect engineering with the laws of aesthetics. Our fenders are designed for very specific applications, so to be used on yachts and luxury private boats, or to protect oil platforms in the high seas, or to be installed around floating lighthouses in very high sees or in shipyards, where boats and cruise ships are produced and maintained.