Types of hose clamps

Types of hose clamps

Hose clamps are manufactured and marketed in many different types. These depend on their intended use and on the need for piping to be tightened to a greater or lesser extent and for it to sustain heavier or lighter workloads. Hose clamps come with: screws, bolts and eyelets; tilting housing, quick release and springs; dynamic control of Belleville washers guaranteeing a constant tightening torque; single wire or double wire, or with metal bands of various lengths (most commonly 8-9 mm and 12-13 mm), with solid bands in accordance with DIN 3017 standards, perforated bands (the incisions in the strip are burr-free holes) and embossed bands (the incisions in the strip are raised); bridges to fit spirals; and double clamping systems. They come in plastic or in metal of various types, made for small or large diameters, with a minimal range or to clamp wide varieties of diameters, with bands and separated housings, designed to be easy to use in tight spaces, etc.

Worm-drive hose clamps

The metal band clamps with screw tightening mechanism are the most well-known varieties. However, although they look similar at first glance, they are not all the same.

For example, some designs are manufactured with incisions in the metal band and bevelled edges to avoid scratching or cutting into the hose. Other designs are similar but are manufactured without paying attention to such details for economic reasons.

Ear clamps

Single or double clips with “ears” (often identified by the brand name Oetiker) are suitable for small diameters and simple but effective clamping (using a dedicated tool).


Single- and double-wire clamps, with screws, lend themselves to clamping soft, thin hoses.

SPRING hose clamps

Spring hose clamps come with wires or bands for unrivalled speed and ease of assembly, with a limited range.

Perforated band clamps with tilting housing

Perforated band clamps with tilting worm-drive housing are versatile and suitable for clamping large diameters.

Quick-release clamps

Clamps that are used in situations where they are constantly being removed and repositioned.

Bridge (or spiral) clamps

Clamps that go “off axis” adapt to piping with pronounced corrugation, guaranteeing greater uniformity in terms of pressure and tightening around the hose.

Perforated band clamps with separated housings

Continuous perforated band clamps with separate closures are versatile and are recommended for situations where there are many different diameters that need to be clamped. The band has to be cut to the appropriate size for the diameter of the hose to be fixed. The structure with the take-up screw is then added, attaching it firmly to the perforated band. In this way, a made-to-measure clamp is achieved in a very short space of time.

Solid metal band clamps with buckles

Solid band clamps, which are usually in stainless steel, with separate fixing buckles, otherwise known as “Band-It” or “Bandimex”, are ideal for extremely tight clamping. The band ensures high breaking loads while the direct application of the band on the hose, using the right tool, allows for a much greater clamping force to be applied than those that can be achieved by turning a screw. Perfect for clamping of any type and diameter. A special tool is required, as well as some manual skill.

Other TYPES of clamps

There are many other types of clamps besides those illustrated, and they also come in other materials. For example, there are clips in plastic, which are used particularly in the electrical industry.