EPDM rubber

EPDM rubber (ethylene propylene diene monomer)

General characteristics

The characteristics of the vulcanizate depend primarily on the type of rubber used, even if they are substantially very similar.

In general, EPDM vulcanizates have a good resistance to heat, aging, and chemical agents, good elasticity, good resistance to low temperatures and good insulating power.

  • Impact resistance: from 40 to 60%;
  • Elongation to breakage: from 150 to 500%;
  • Resistance to heat:
    • EPM with peroxide crosslinking obtains a better resistance to heat (up to ca. 150°C);
    • The peroxide vulcanizates of EPDM, when formulated correctly, support hot water and steam at 200°C for a long time without a significant deterioration of the characteristics.
  • Resistance to low temperatures: down to ca. -50°C;
  • Gas permeability: high, this use is still not recommended;
  • Chemical resistance: notable for the saturated polymer chain;
  • EPDM vulcanizates are resistant to:
    • Hot water and steam at ca. 130°C up to 200°C;
    • Glycol-based brake fluids;
    • Leaching liquids of sodium and potassium carbonate (detergents and many organic and inorganic bases);
    • Saline solutions and oxidizing substances;
    • Water- and glycol-based hydraulic fluids;
    • Phosphoric acid ester-based hydraulic fluids;
    • Silicone greases and oils;
    • Many polar solvents such as alcohols, ketones and esters; Skydrol 500 and 7000.

EPM and EPDM vulcanizates are not recommended for hydrocarbons in general.

Fields of application

The automobile industry is currently the largest consumer of EPDM products such as, for example, gasket profiles made of spongy rubber for doors and trunks, full gaskets for windows and headlights, bumpers, tubes and gasket elements in general. EPDM is widely used because of its resistance to detergent liquids and solutions and to high temperatures in fittings, tubing, and gaskets for household appliances (washing machines and dishwashers).

The electrical cable industry uses EPDM because of its good electrical capacities (combined with good resistance to weather and limited water absorption).