Threaded Couplings: BSP (GAS) e NPT

Threaded couplings are perhaps the most common and widely used in many industrial sectors from the hydraulics to wine production.


Widely used by many industries, the CAM-LOCK quick coupling system has many advantages. It is made of 2 mating parts, male and female


AFNOR (Association Française de Normalisation) is the French association for standardization with the task of governing the national regulatory system.

STORZ Fittings

Storz is a type of coupling invented by Carl August Guido Storz in 1882. It was also referred to as a “sexless coupling”, i.e. connection without gender, because rather than having one end male threaded and one female threaded, they have identical ends that can be joined together.

DIN11851 Fittings

DIN is an acronym that stands for the German Institute for Standardization, DIN11851 is the German standard for high-profile fittings for use in the wine, dairy, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, for confectionery and food in general.

SMS Couplings

The SMS (Swedish metric standard) system is designed for applications that do not require regular disassembly of hoses.  It’s used especially in the food industry, but also used with success in the chemical industry. 

(TRI)CLAMP Fittings

Quick coupling system, safe and versatile for food processing and for distribution lines in pharmaceutical plants. 

GAROLLA Fittings

The connection more widespread in the wine producing sector is the one obtained through stainless steel fittings and clamps called Garolla.

MANN TEK Couplings

MANN TEK quick couplings are also referred to as called “dry” because the system of connection and disconnection is such that you do not lose a single drop of the product conveyed

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