Avoiding damages and ensuring safety – introduction to a safe use

Avoiding damages and ensuring safety- introduction to a safe use

A damaged hose can not only cause unexpected increase of costs for a company, but can also provoke serious accidents; all this can be avoided by paying attention and respecting the following basic rules:

  • A hose must be chosen in accordance with the operating pressure, use conditions and the product’s ratings
  • Use according to the rules and regulations
  • Correct and accurate installation
  • Immediate replacement in case of damage

Main causes of damage:

  • Mechanical injury
  • Use below the minimum bending radius
  • Excessive traction
  • Excessive torque
  • Crush
  • Passage of unsuitable material.

Regular checks for the early recognition of damages:

  • Optimal state of the outer cover layer of the hose, absence of cracks, bubbles, deformations, or areas with abrasions or crushing
  • Correct connection assembly
  • Correct installation, avoiding extreme crushing, excessive tractions, forced torque
  • Check of the permeability