Rubber sheets

Rubber sheets

Rubber sheets are widely used in the industrial sector both for the production of seals and supports and for coatings to provide protection from chemical agents and abrasion. They can be supplied in rolls or plates, depending on the thickness; custom cuts are performed upon request.

The finishing of the plates is normally smooth; upon request, one or both of the surfaces can be supplied with a cloth impression. All of the plates can be produced with one or more textile inserts.

There are multiple varieties of rubber that vary greatly from each other in terms of characteristics and uses, and with appropriate additions or manipulations they can be used to obtain different products:

Rubbers with physical or chemical qualities for specific uses in the presence of acids or bases, solvents, oils, gases or fuels in general, or that stand out because they are resistant to heat or aging, weather or seawater, or have physiological properties that make them suitable for use in food or health care environments. Natural rubbers with great elastic yield and resistance to wear, laceration, cutting and abrasion, appropriate as protections in blasting chambers or as scrapers in systems for transporting abrasive material, and as coatings for pumps and valves.

Economical rubbers suitable for non-demanding uses in the absence of particular requirements for resistance to heat or chemical aggression, where the preponderant quality is only of a mechanical type. For specific uses, the same properties of the various elastomers of our rubbers can be associated with textiles made of cotton, nylon, fiberglass or polyamide fibers to create textile rubbers or rubber textiles to be used as membranes, conveyor belts (for the most diverse technical-industrial applications in sectors such as the food industry, paper, textile, screen printing, woodworking and ecological treatments), insulated surfaces, release agents or sealants.

Rubber runners or mats specially designed in terms of their composition and in the treading of their contact surfaces to respond to every need for flooring for offices, production departments, civil or industrial spaces, and ramps (also heavily trafficked), as well as in the transport sector, in the interior outfitting of vehicles, or as safety systems and electrical insulation for power stations, substations, work areas and machinery.

Expanded rubbers of various qualities and natures, with open or closed cells, which are used in every industrial sector and in construction, suitable for sound proofing, for thermal and acoustic insulation, as anti-vibration and anti-condensation materials, as protection against shocks, packaging, as entrainment rollers of paper and film or rollers for painting or sponging in labeling machines, and as seals, gaskets for ovens, hot presses, industrial irons, vacuums and packaging. The open cell expanses have different degrees of permeability and resistance. The closed cell expanses, which are more compact and elastic, are perfectly impermeable to liquids and gases and guarantee high resistance to wear and weather.

Insulating rubber with dielectric properties. Usually used to cover floorings and runners of power stations, substations, etc. Compliant with the IEC EN 60243-1 standards.

Silicone rubbers specifically designed to resolve the problem of foreign bodies in food and pharmaceutical productions. The management of foreign bodies in food processing is a critical factor, especially with regard to the quality standards used in the international field (ISO 22000).

Blue-colored silicone compounds have been designed for this need in order to be easily visually detected, and metal-detectable compounds have been created in order to manage detection in a completely automatic way with the aid of a metal detector; these are always suitable for contact with food, and are FDA certified.

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