Corrugated, flexible polyurethane hoses with semi-rigid plastic helix

Corrugated, flexible polyurethane hoses with semi-rigid plastic helix

These PUR hoses are usually:

– semi-transparent, the helix is opaque, and transparency is provided by the polyurethane film between the coils.

– very smooth on the inside, to guarantee a reduced pressure drop and less wear.

– limited in diameter range (from 25 to 150 mm).

– flexible, but with little or no axial compressibility.

In this family of polyurethane hoses, there may be moderate differences in the thicknesses of the PU sheet in order to achieve higher or lower strength and mechanical resistance, linked to higher or lower flexibility or weight.

Characteristics of corrugated, flexible polyurethane hoses with semi-rigid plastic helix 


Generally, this family of corrugated polyurethane hoses is suitable for use with dry food products according to EC 1935/2004, LFGB, EU 10/2011, categories A, B, C, D1, D2 and E (although we do recommend checking on a case-by-case basis).

There are also types that are suitable for transporting liquid food products and products related to, for example, the chemical, pharmacological and cosmetic sectors.

In the range, there are PUR hoses with copper strands that are coaxial to the plastic helix and wrapped in the polyurethane film to make the hose anti-static (usually from 106 to 109 ohm-metres) in order to dissipate any electrostatic charges generated by transporting powder products.