Corrugated, flexible polyurethane hoses with steel wire helix

Corrugated, flexible polyurethane hoses with steel wire helix

These PUR hoses usually come:

– transparent, the helix occupies a small portion of the polyurethane film.

– corrugated on the inside, except in some varieties for heavy-duty use.

– with a wide range of diameters (from 25 to 600 mm and over).

– with good axial compressibility, except in specific types for heavy-duty use.

– with good or excellent tensile strength and tear resistance.

– with good resistance to ozone and UV rays.

In this family of PU hoses, we have a considerable variety of thicknesses in the polyurethane sheet – from 0.4 mm to over 3.5 mm – which alter the physical, mechanical and construction characteristics as a result (further information available assessing data sheets or with support from our technicians and salespeople).

This type of corrugated polyurethane tubing is divided into:

– Co-extruded tubing, with the PU sheet encapsulating the metallic spiral (usually low or medium sheet thickness and metallic spiral with a reduced diameter).

– Hoses with helix embedded in the thick PU sheet and with a considerably smoother inner wall (usually medium and high PU thicknesses and larger steel wire diameters); good or high resistance when used in suction/with negative pressure.

The steel wire used in polyurethane hoses with metallic spirals may come in:

Zinc-plated or galvanised steel (requested less frequently)

Steel coated in PU or another plastic material

Copper-plated steel (most commonly used)

Stainless steel (for applications in the food and pharmaceutical/cosmetic industries)

Characteristics of corrugated, flexible polyurethane hoses with steel wire helix

Steel spirals can come in a variety of diameters, and there are many possible “pitch” variations for them (distance between the coils) to substantially alter their flexibility, weight and working performance.

Generally, corrugated polyurethane hoses with metallic spirals are also suitable for use with dry food products, according to EC 1935/2004, LFGB, EU 10/2011, categories A, B, C, D1, D2 and E (although we do recommend checking on a case-by-case basis).

They are also made specifically for use with liquid food products and products relating to the chemical, pharmacological and cosmetic sectors.

Special models are designed for PUR hoses that are resistant to bacteria and microbes.

There are also hoses with PU sheets manufactured with specific electrical properties, for example:

– electrical conductivity at a resistance of < 106 ohm-metres.

– anti-static at a resistance of between 106 and 109 ohm-metres.

– insulating at a resistance of > 109 ohm-metres.

The electrical properties of the PU sheet for this flexible tubing inevitably undergo a progressive deterioration based on the number of years of use and/or wear and thinning of the thickness.