Elastic Rubber Fenders

Elastic Rubber Fenders

Rubber is certainly one of the most suitable materials for the manufacture of shockproof fenders because it guarantees the maximum possible absorption of the energy released by impacts of large masses in motion (boats, trucks, steel products …) without undergoing permanent structural changes.

Uses and Shapes

Hollow Cylindrical Section Rubber Fenders: Hollow cylindrical section fenders have a long history protecting vessels, much more than any other type of fender. They are simple and versatile as well as very easy to install.

Atag Rubber Fenders

Section delta fender made in EPDM rubber, usually in black color, designed to withstand impact, abrasion, tearing, aging, atmospheric agents and sea water.

How to install a rubber fender

We have seen that the installation of the Delta fender is very simple because it is fixed directly to the wall that needs to be protected by piercing the rubber where the hooking points are set.

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