All the necessary data to provide when making an order

All the necessary data to provide when making an order

Inside size of the pipe section (the diameter, because the pipe is usually circular):
It is the nominal size of a hose.

Wall thickness:
It is the wall thickness of the hose (the thickness of the single layer in the simple hose, or the complex of under layer, fabric layers and cover in hoses built as a compound). For some applications this data is optional.

Every kind of hose has a maximum length, due to the characteristics of his construction and to the manufacturer’s production capacity.

Vehicled product:

  • Kind and composition in case of oils, gas and fuels, because these terms are too vague.
  • Concentration in case of chemical products.
  • The maximum and minimum operative temperature.


  • Positive pressure (maximum working pressure)
  • Vacuum (maximum working depression)
  • Burst pressure: it is calculated by multiplying the maximum working pressure by a security factor.

External agents:

  • Working temperature of the place of work (most of the times this data is unimportant but, rarely, it is the decisive factor).
  • Inclement weather, permanent atmospheric agents (UV rays, humidity, etc.).
  • Contact with oils, greases, sea water or aggressive substances.
  • Possible mechanical abrasion (i.e. due to the hose traction on abrasive floors, stones, borders, etc. ).

Bending radius:
Minimum radius curvature: this data is often underestimated but indeed it is an important element in determining the lifetime of the flexible hose. Forcing the bending of the hose can produce a stress that risks to reduce significantly its life.