Fittings with our hoses

Raccordi per tubi


  • The different regulations in force in different industries require the use of different connections.
  • ATAG has the widest range of fittings for the types of hose we supply.
  • We have flanged connections; BSP, NPT and Cassoni threaded; those suitable for steam; quick coupling to Cuna norms, DIN11851CAMLOCKGUILLEMIN-AFNORSTORZSMSraccordi Garolla for the wine industry, CLAMP for foods and liquids as well as MANN TEK for hazardous discharge solutions.
  • Even in the type of materials is ATAG able to provide the optimum solution: steel, bronze, brass, AISI304, AISI316, PP, aluminium.
  • The vast experience of our staff means they are able to advise customers on the most suitable fitting for any particular application.
  • We supply our fittings individually for use with clamps and collars that are always available ex-stock.
  • Further details can be found in our catalogue which can be downloaded from the link below.

To download the complete catalog of “Fittings” access to the download catalog, or