Special flexible connector

Connettori specifici speciali

Special Flexible Connectors

In Polyurethane, Silicone, EPDM, NR, CR, NBR, PVC, PTFE; all kinds of connections with FDA, ATEX, Metaldetectabili certifications; made with quick connections Tri Clamp, Jacob or with a simple clamp; for the transport or weighing and bagging needs of: flours, grains, sugar, salts, spices, coffee, powders for pharmaceutical processing, powdered milk, etc ..; for temperatures even higher than the hundreds of degrees celsius.

Connections for inspection, for channeling, for weighing, for bagging, vibration dampers, for offset compensation … wherever there is a need for a disjunction connection from the fixed plant there are our special connections to meet every need.

All plants need these special flexible components to connect fixed parts and machinery due to factors such as vibrations or thermal expansion.

Since many products are made to customer specifications (measurements, materials, compliance with standards, type of connection), it is possible to create tailor-made products for all needs. If you are looking for something specific or you did not find what you were looking for in the catalog, do not hesitate to ask to discuss customized solutions.

To download the complete catalogue of special flexible connectors, i.e. the catalogue “Filcoflex Connections” go to the catalogue download area, or click here