ATAG has been serving industry since 1947.

Since then we have grown to become one of the most important suppliers of plastic and rubber technical items in Italy. A wide range of products, an extensive warehouse, three locations in the state and a widespread supply network, supported by an excellent sales department and a top-notch technical knowledge, are the reasons why our customers constantly rely on ATAG. We are now expanding into Europe because we believe that what makes ATAG a successful supplier in Italy can also work in other countries. Our values won’t change. ATAG has always taken into great consideration any customer requests and made sure that they receive the best solution to any problem as quickly as possible. Here you can find a general view of our main product groups, but don’t forget that we are able to supply tailored solutions in addition to the standard products of our warehouses.

Our Products

ATAG has in stock a great quantity of products ready to be delivered, as well as tailor-made solutions, without forgetting the unique products manufactured by our world-famous international partners.

Sixty thousand active items, more than forty thousand codes handled only in the last 12 months.

Many specific articles, explained through detailed but clear descriptions.


In this section you will find answers to many questions, curiosities and detailed information about products and techniques of specific sectors of the industry world. This section is in constant progress  so … be curious!

Our Partners

Our partners are able to study and experiment new solutions to put on the market. Innovation and focus on the future are the common interests that brought us together.

Selected and reliable partners. Certainty of positive results.

More than sixty thousand articles require a lot of knowledge in many industry sectors.


Happy Holidays

ATAG wishes you happy holiday and a peaceful relax from December 21th to January 6th! See you on the 7th of January, ready to grow together even in 2020!
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New partnership with Geartec

ATAG and Geartec have recently established a partnership to share their common knowledge of plastic materials. Geartec, a young Company whose founder has an experience of more than twenty years in the field of processing and transformation of plastic materials, is now ATAG’s partner. The aim of our partnership is to add value to the...
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Plastic Materials

Atag is perfectly aware of how important the choice of the suitable plastic material and its use in the production process are. We devote great care to precision in specific fields in order to satisfy the increasing requests of high-quality professional solutions. The subject is particularly sensible because issues, or even blocks of the production...
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For more information

Our staff is at your complete disposal for any clarification you deem appropriate, to give you all the information on our products or to discuss with you the best solution to your problem.