We create customized finished products from semi-finished plastic products, intended for your industry Are you looking for an expert in semi-finished plastic products? The ATAG Spa production site located in Mussolente (Vicenza) has been specially equipped to focus on the processing and transformation of plastic materials, offering a specialized service in the sector. We are proud of our competitiveness in the processing of semi-finished plastic products and boast numerous advantages that distinguish us. One of our strengths is...
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Among the many flexible hoses that ATAG Europe has at its disposal, today we talk to you about electrically heated hoses, which are essential in specific industrial sectors where it is necessary to transport liquids, gases and food gels, while maintaining a constant, high temperature at all times. Precisely with the aim of preserving intact the properties of the fluid passing through, thanks to the constant maintenance of the operating temperature, these hoses are used in every industrial...
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