Polyuretane Hoses: the versatile and durable choice for your applications

Thanks to its extraordinary properties, the flexible polyurethane hose (PU, PUR, TPU) designed and manufactured by ATAG finds wide application in numerous industrial and common sectors.

ATAG has always specialised in the production and marketing of hoses, which represents the company’s core business. Polyurethane hoses are the ideal solution for conveying products such as abrasive powders, metal shavings, wood, fumes and processing vapours.

Some of these hoses are also suitable for use in hazardous areas (ATEX zones) and for conveying foodstuffs, pharmaceutical preparations and medicines, thanks to their excellent resistance to microbial attack and hydrolysis.

ATAG’s polyurethane hoses are a versatile choice for these characteristics:

🔴 Transparency: they allow the flow of materials inside to be monitored.

🔴 Flexibility and vacuum resistance: characteristics given by the thickness of the polyurethane, the type of steel of the spiral and its construction parameters (diameter and pitch).

🔴 Chemical resistance: ether-based polyurethane offers good resistance to contact with liquids, whereas ester-based polyurethane is suitable for applications without contact with water.

🔴 Elastic memory and wear resistance: both polyurethane formulations (ether and ester) have excellent elastic memory characteristics and resistance to mechanical wear and abrasion.

Going into detail, at ATAG you will find flexible polyurethane hoses for the transport of:

– air (from -40 °C to +90 °C)

– oil vapours

 powders, granules, swarf, paper

– dry food products

On specific request, ATAG will manufacture for you both SPECIAL and CUSTOMISED polyurethane hoses, that is, with customized lengths.

Ask our company for special productions with moulded fittings at the ends or, for systems that provide for this, ends with pre-moulded sleeves, specifically for screwing onto the outside of the hose.

SPECIAL versions of polyurethane hoses can have features such as:

– Suitability for conveying non-dry food products

– Antistaticity

– Conductivity

– Opacity (not transparency)

– Colouring on request

Always remember that:

the main distinction to be made regarding the characteristics of polyurethane concerns its chemical nature, that is whether it is an ester or ether base.

The first stands out for its resistance to hydrolysis and abrasion, microbial attack, and low temperatures. The second is excellent when used at room temperature and is highly resistant to wear and abrasion.

Contact an ATAG expert technician for more information on the right polyurethane hose for your type of business.

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