Some kinds of hose endings

Some kinds of hose endings

1. Normal ends:
The ends are the natural endings of the hose.

2. Spiral-less sleeves:
If present, the metal component (braiding or metal wire) at the end(s) of the sleeve (one or both) is taken off and the final section of the hose is shaped, for a given predetermined length and using textile reinforcements and additional rubberised fabrics, as a smooth hose with a guaranteed adequate stability.

3. Increased Diameter Sleeves:
This kind of sleeve allows to increase the inside diameter and the hose thickness only at the ends.

4. Conical ends:
The end of the hose consists of a conical reduction with reduced diameter.

5. Ends with washers (only rubber hoses):
The rubber hose thickness is sealed, at the ends, with washers of the same material to protect the reinforcements against moisture, dirt and corrosion from acids.

6. Connections:
It is possible to mount, at the ends of the hose, connections fixed with clamps or other external mechanical fastening systems, or connections crimped or pressed through bushings, or mounted, during the construction phase, in an integral manner with the same structure of the hose.

7. Flanges:
As for the connections, flanges can be mounted at the ends of a hose to connect it to the installation.