General manual

General manual

It is very important to choose the right kind of hose in order to use it in the right and secure way.

When making the choice it is therefore necessary to control that the product is suitable for the specific use, taking into account the hose’s characteristics and limits.

All the data contained in the technical data sheets of every product are usually obtained after testing the hoses in normal or optimal conditions. A hose’s life is at risk if it is used under critical use conditions such as the maximum working pressure, the maximum temperature and the minimum bending radius. If some of these factors happen at the same time, the product deteriorates more quickly.

Therefore, a regular checking of the working conditions is strongly advised in order to replace a hose at the right moment instead of being forced to suddenly interrupt a process or stop a plant because of a broken or irretrievably ruined hose. A regular maintenance helps in recognizing and determining the right time to replace the hoses.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: An incorrect product choice or an inappropriate installation can (often seriously) damage or destroy the hose or pollute/affect the product inside it, besides provoking damages to things and people. Serious accidents may happen if the specifications are not respected, especially those involving high pressure applications or transport of dangerous fluids. This is the reason why, lately, the regulations of some applications are more and more restrictive in order to minimize risks. Today, in some fields, only hoses that meet certain standardised criteria can be used.