The 1970s

We lived through the golden age of the Italian big industrial groups, then we helped to develop the Italian industry during the following phase of the segmentation of these giants, trying to adapt to the new numerous and more flexible SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises).

The 1980s

We started selling additive technopolymers that improve the characteristics of the various PTFE, PE, acetalic resin, nylon, so allowing their use in very challenging areas.
At the same time, the first polyurethane pipes are introduced.

The 1990s

The 1990s witnessed the introduction of revolutionary new pipes that performed better in the transport of chemicals and for high temperatures usage. Our quality became higher and higher.

ATAG today

We have recently opened a branch in Canton Ticino and today we operate internationally. Not only we enjoy close strategic collaborations with top partners, but we have acquired companies that bring us and our customers benefits and professionalism.

Our challenges and the future

Atag SpA is a solid and important reality in Italy since 1947.

Currently, with three national and one Swiss premises, more than twenty business agents and sales representatives on the Italian and European territory, collaborations and franchises with important national and European partners, ATAG is certainly a first-rate actor in the field of technical products supplies to industry.

In ATAG we are able to take care of the needs of our customers who are always looking for the best solutions to the problems of modern industry.

Atag, Tbi ed articoli in gomma e plastica

The best solutions

Our priority is to look for the best solution, which is the only truly rewarding over time.

Always at the first place

We were among the first in Italy to introduce anti-vibrants and elastomers in the 1950s; in the 1960s the rubber joints and flexible pipes; in the 1980s technopolymers and superpolymers, in the 90s we took over the national distribution of Piercan Special Gloves, in the new millennium we introduced the flexible special connections of Filcoflex and paved the way for high-end products for pharmaceutical, food and medical sectors. Today we are abreast of the times in the supply of pipes for the new EURO6 engines.

The evolution of a recognized professionalism

The awareness of following our way with the passion of always is evident from the innovations that we have put in place: the new site with the e-commerce section; the collaboration with Geartec, that is more than just a first-class partner, in order to operate in the world of plastics and mechanical processing; the launch of Automotive special pipes to be used with the new OAT-powered refrigerants in Euro6 engines, just to name a few.

Our company is evolving by making good use of the current technologies and of the skills of new professionals. ATAG is growing and looks at the future with the usual commitment to bring innovation to the industry.

ATAG has a long, solid and successful history. Make your history with ATAG too