From the Beginning to the 70s

We have been able to set up an active and well trained sales network widespread throughout the country and to deal with the most prestigious manufacturers in the world. We gave our contribution during the golden age of the Italian big industrial groups, and later, when the several and more flexible SMEs (Small and Medium Size Enterprises) came into the market, we took part in helping industry growth.

End of the XXth century, the 80s and 90s

We introduce into the Italian market the additive technopolymers, products able to improve the features of the semi-finished plastics. We also sell, for the first time, non-abrasive polyurethane pipes. We innovate by offering High Temperature tubes and marketing the successful rubber tubes with plastic film layers, a safer and more well performing product in conveying aggressive chemicals. 

The XXIst century, the years 2000

We started the rubber rollers production, imported the Piercan special gloves, produced silicones ensuring compliance with Pharma regulations, refurbished our head office and premises, incorporated competitors and their competences, set up important joint ventures, promoted the importance of metal detectable products, introduced in Italy know how and successful applications such as heating technologies using silicone systems.

ATAG today


We operate abroad through our international offices and branches and the close cooperation with strategic and worldwide known partners, taking advantage of the collaboration among first-rate technical and commercial realities. The online sales service has been active since 2021. ATAG’s E-commerce is reality! Expanding the range of articles available to customers in 2023. Benefits and professionalism are the result of our network whose aim is going on innovating with enthusiasm and inspiration.

Our challenges and the future

Atag SpA is a solid and important reality in Italy since 1947.

Currently, with three national premises, more than twenty business agents and sales representatives on the Italian and European territory, collaborations and franchises with important national and European partners, ATAG is certainly a first-rate actor in the field of technical products supplies to industry.

In ATAG we are able to take care of the needs of our customers who are always looking for the best solutions to the problems of modern industry.

Atag, Tbi ed articoli in gomma e plastica

The best solutions

Our priority is to look for the best solution, which is the only truly rewarding over time.

Always at the first place

We were among the first in Italy to introduce anti-vibrants and elastomers in the 1950s; in the 1960s the rubber joints and flexible pipes; in the 1980s technopolymers and superpolymers, in the 90s we took over the national distribution of Piercan Special Gloves, in the new millennium we introduced the flexible special connections of Filcoflex and paved the way for high-end products for pharmaceutical, food and medical sectors. We are currently importing successful technologies for the Italian industry, such as Bladders, used in the compounds manufacturing, and Ohmvo products, silicone heating solutions used in every sector of modern industry.

The evolution of a recognized professionalism

The awareness of being not only on the right way but consistent with our well-known passion is proved by the innovations we have put in place: new features on the site and the expansion of the e-commerce section; the setting up of an entire business sector specifically for mechanical machining on plastics, the expansion of marketing activities, the recent association with European prestigious companies to offer innovative, specific and essential products to our industry.

Our company is evolving by making good use of the current technologies and of the skills of new professionals. ATAG is growing and looks at the future with the usual commitment to bring innovation to the industry.

ATAG has a long, solid and successful history. Make your history with ATAG too