The complete range of ATAG nautical fenders. Focus: Cylindrical fenders

We have recently explored in detail the uses and types of Delta fenders, both for the nautical and industrial sectors, but ATAG has the entire range of rubber fenders in its product range.

ATAG, in fact, guarantees the rapid delivery of the following types of fenders throughout Italy:

  • “D” Fenders
  • “Delta” Fenders
  • Cylindrical Fenders
  • Square Fenders
  • Keyhole Fenders
  • Wing Fenders
  • Composite Fenders
  • “W” Fenders
  • “M” Fenders
  • Arch Fenders
  • Bow-Stern Fenders
  • Pneumatic Fenders
  • Polyurethane Fenders
  • Profiles Fenders

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By choosing ATAG fenders you will have the full certainty of relying on a commercial partner present in Italy since 1947.

Constantly growing, this year it has expanded its range of articles for the industrial sector, implementing the already vast range of rubber fenders.

ATAG’s “plus” is rooted in the constant qualified and competent technical advice offered by its commercial and technical department, prepared to best advise you on which fender to use in every situation.

We boast improved solutions for the industry and, in this specific case, for the naval industry.

Cylindrical fenders

These fenders, cylindrical in shape, are requested from ATAG by those who need to install them on the bow and stern of tugboats, work boats and boats in general.

Extremely resistant to atmospheric agents and abrasion, they are often combined with Keyhole, “M” or “W” fenders in order to protect both vessels and the structures of piers and ports from impacts and chafing.

Protect yourself from damage with ATAG’s cylindrical rubber fenders, available in lengths up to 10 metres!

The “plus” of ATAG fenders is that they are easy to install and maintain, to ensure quick and simple replacement for everyone.

Contact an ATAG expert technician for more information on the nautical fenders suitable for your business.

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