The complete range of ATAG nautical fenders. Focus: Delta fenders


ATAG has some great news to tell you today.
From now on you can find at ATAG the largest range of rubber nautical fenders in Italy, with many variations, both in standard versions and custom-designed to suit your needs.
ATAG SPA has been manufacturing and marketing fenders for the nautical sector for many years, but has now entered into an exclusive commercial partnership for Italy with an important international company specialized in the production of nautical fenders.

🔴 What can we offer you today?

The greatest availability in Italy of the highest quality solutions for the protection of boats, ships and fishing boats, piers and ports, work boats:

🔻 “D” rubber fenders

🔻 “Delta” fenders

🔻 Cylindrical fenders

🔻 Square section fenders

This collaboration places ATAG in the position of offering excellent products and solutions exclusively in Italy, which are already consolidated and appreciated in Europe.

Delta Fenders are specific for those who need to absorb high levels of energy, thanks to their special shape and the presence of a large hollow chamber.

Fenders in different sizes and lengths, obtained by extrusion, have the ability to absorb forces and loads and are therefore highly effective and suitable for the sector.

🔴 NAUTICAL for the protection of

  • mooring docks and piers
  • marine and river ports
  • embankments
  • ships, work boats, barges and similar

🔴 INDUSTRIAL for the protection of

  • truck parking and garages
  • bumpers and stoppers
  • truck loading/unloading docks
  • large car park silos
  • warehouses where forklifts and heavy goods movement vehicles circulate

The “plus” of ATAG fenders is that they are easy to install and maintain, to ensure quick and simple replacement for everyone.

Maximize safety and protect your industrial and marine equipment with our high-quality fenders.

Invest in protection today, with ATAG.

By contacting ATAG you will be sure of having a partner at your side who is present every day to support your industry, thanks to the presence of technicians specialized in providing support for your new applications.

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