The most used fittings in Italian industry

Among the many hose fittings that ATAG Europe has available, today we are talking to you about TRICLAMP, CAM-LOCK and DIN11851 fittings.
CAM-LOCK, TRICLAMP and DIN11851 tube fittings are essential components in many industrial applications, offering quick, safe and hygienic connections for fluid transfer.


The TRICLAMP fitting system represents a versatile, safe and rapid solution for joining components in the food sector, as well as for the creation of distribution lines for pharmaceutical plants.

These fittings are widely used in C.I.P. sanitization processes (Cleaning In Place), thanks to their ease of installation and manual removal.

Made exclusively of stainless steel (usually in AISI316 or higher for the parts in contact with fluids and in AISI304 for the external tightening parts) they guarantee a safe, uniform and highly hygienic union.

The TRICLAMP system complies with strict health regulations and international standards such as BS4825, DIN32676, ISO2852 and ISO1127, ensuring quality materials, precise dimensions and carefully controlled tolerances.


The CAM-LOCK quick coupling – made up of two interconnected parts, male and female – offers a simple coupling method, as it does not require the use of tools to connect flexible or rigid hoses.

This system is designed to guarantee a safe connection between two hoses in the shortest possible time, as in the food, chemical and agricultural industries.

Widely used by many Italian industries, this fitting guarantees interchangeability with other couplings manufactured around the world according to the same standards, i.e. in full compliance with the United States military standard MIL-C-27487.

CAM-LOCK fittings are available with different end configurations, compliant with relevant Italian and international regulations, including threaded, flanged, welded or with hose shank.

These fittings are distributed by ATAG in a wide variety of materials, including aluminium, bronze, brass, steel, polypropylene and stainless steel.

🔴 DIN 11851

The DIN11851 hose fitting is a system composed of:

  • a slotted cylindrical nut called Swivel
  • a Male section where the Swivel is housed
  • a Female section
  • a gasket (or sealing ring)

A peculiar feature of this type of fitting is the position of the Swivel on the Male, unlike screw systems where it is usually combined with the Female.

Widely used in the UK, throughout Europe and the Middle East, DIN11851 is also popular in the USA.

There are various types on the market, including butt weld fittings and adapters for mounting on flexible hoses, elbows, tees and reductions.

The DIN11851 regulation regulates the use of these high profile fittings where hygiene and cleanliness are of fundamental importance, especially in the following industries:

  • Oenology
  • Dairy
  • Chemist
  • Confectionery and food
  • Pharmaceutical

These fittings offer a tight, secure connection, reducing the risk of contamination during fluid transfer. Their leak-proof design and ease of cleaning make them a popular choice for applications requiring high hygiene standards.

By contacting ATAG you will be sure of having a partner at your side who is present every day to support your industry, thanks to the presence of technicians specialized in providing support for your new applications.

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