Plastic Materials

Atag is perfectly aware of how important the choice of the suitable plastic material and its use in the production process are. We devote great care to precision in specific fields in order to satisfy the increasing requests of high-quality professional solutions.

The subject is particularly sensible because issues, or even blocks of the production process, due to unfit plastic parts, even if small, can impact enormously on the costs. More than once we had to fix such situations. The recently established partnership between ATAG and GEARTEC has allowed our company to deal with a new kind of production thanks to its younger partner. GEARTEC was founded in 2015, but its founder was the director of Ensinger Italia for more than twenty years, therefore he gained an invaluable experience and deep knowledge in the transformation of plastic materials. ATAG is thus able to use this knowledge to supply its customers with the most suitable plastic materials for any kind of application and to be always up-to-date on new achievements. For more information please visit the Plastic Material page in the DETAILS section of our website.

ATAG Spa is able to provide food certification and traceability on every plastic material supplied.