Permanent closure of our historical shop

The difficult situation caused by Covid-19 forces us to make a final decision: to permanently close the retail sale of ATAG Spa in Milan. The historic shop in Viale Monza 274, already temporarily closed, will remain so indefinitely.

The technical / commercial offices and the logistics for the receipt and shipment of goods remain active. Being part of the Supply Chain of many national strategic sectors involves the responsibility of guaranteeing the well-founded certainty of a continuity of service that the influx of people at the Milan office could put at risk despite the use of alternating shifts and teams, to employment specific PPE for the safety of workers and adaptations to work methods.

In any case, ATAG’s activity will not be affected as online sales will be activated shortly from the pages of the institutional website. Customers who used to buy in-store will be able to reserve an account in the new E-commerce.

The branches of Bologna and Mussolente are always active and adequately equipped for public services with barriers, sanitizing gels and implementing all the safety protocols provided. We remind you that ATAG is a leading manufacturer of transparent polycarbonate barriers.