Our story so far, and the future


ATAG S.p.A.  - The evolution of a renowned professionalism.

ATAG S.p.A. has been an important and well established company in Italy since 1947.

We now have three national premises and one in Switzerland, about twenty business agents and sales representatives throughout Italy and Europe in addition to many collaborations and sole agencies with important Italian and European partners. ATAG is without a doubt a leader amongst suppliers of technical products for Industry.

In ATAG we know how to satisfy the needs of our customers, who are always looking for the best solutions to modern industry challenges.

ATAG was founded more than 70 years ago and, since the beginning, we never stopped fostering innovation. We were born during the Italian economic boom, the time of the large industrial groups and then, after their segmentation, we helped Italian industry develop, into the new era of multiple and more flexible SMEs, (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises).

Our well-known priority is to find the best solution, the only one that really matters, because quality means to always guarantee and assure the good function of our products.

Today our company has reached an annual turnover of more than 12 million Euro and our warehouses cover more than 10,000 square meters. This is due to our ability to always look ahead, thereby supplying and suggesting the most innovative products to our customers, in order to meet their production needs in the most efficient manner by offering them the most durable solutions.

We always ran our business in this way. ATAG were the first in Italy, in the fifties, to import and sell rubber anti-vibration mounts as well as moulded and extruded rubber profiles, in the Sixties rubber joints and PVC flexible hoses were added whilst in the Seventies very high-temperature capability flexible hoses arrived, in the Eighties our techno polymers soon became popular in the market. ATAG was the first to supply techno polymers with additives, which improve the positive features of PTFE, PE, polyacetal resin and nylon, and that can be used in the most demanding of applications going beyond the limits of standard semi-finished products. At the same time we introduced the first polyurethane flexible hoses specially made for conveying abrasive products.

In the Nineties, we started to sell new and revolutionary hoses with the highest performance for the conveying of chemical products which can be used at high temperatures, always reaching newer and better results. In the new millennium ATAG entered the pharmaceutical field with its platinum-cured silicone hoses and highly technical gloves for special applications, which met the needs for the protection of operators and the non-contamination of the products, thereby being essential in the pharmaceutical, food and nuclear fields which must adhere to more and more strict international regulations.

After launching into the adventure of selling rubber rollers for printing, we are enjoying a well deserved success following the introduction in Italy of a new production technology of items made from composite materials, applied to simplify mass production techniques and to achieve both a perfect surface finish and dimensional precision, so enabling high productivity to the benefit of the whole industry and its production system.

During the last few years we acquired brands such as OVAT S.r.l., ADI S.r.l., Pirola Giuseppe S.a.S., A.T.I.N.S. GOMMA S.a.S. ATAG has followed the new technologies, gone to the new industrial frontiers and explored high technology sectors in the fields of biomedicine, pharmaceutical, chemical and aerospace, to feel the pulse of cutting edge industry requirements and so be able to anticipate the effects across the whole of industry.

The 70 years we celebrated last year were all lived with intensity, foresight and pride. This achievement drove us to try and export our philosophy throughout Europe: we have established an export department and our presence abroad was so successful to encourage us to create one more department in Ticino Canton: ATAG Switzerland, within the prestigious RTS group.

Now, in 2018, we’ll work with the usual force of our passion: we have planned to  extend our influence in the world of plastics and precision machining with new energy and first class skills. In the automotive sector we are promoting, once again first in Italy, a special piping suitable for use in new EURO6 engines, and we are about to launch our e-commerce service on our website: www.atag-europe.com will soon be on-line to offer you our most common and requested products.

Our company is growing by making good use of new technologies and the expertise of new up-to-date business roles. ATAG is expanding its business: we all look at the future always keeping in mind our continuous commitment to industrial innovation.

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